Flyweight Driveline Couplers for Yamaha 701-760, Rickter, Webber and SXR

Cold Fusion has created what we believe to be the strongest, lightest couplers on the market today. 

We have taken the small diameter of the Kawi style coupler and coupled it with the strength of the Yamaha style drive lug, creating the smallest diameter with the lightest weight possible. 

A typical Yamaha coupler set with dampener weighs in at 1.878 lbs. The Cold-Fusion set weighs in at 1.275 lbs, a savings of well over half a pound of rotating mass. Even more advantages are that this mass has been removed from the outer diameter. 

We recommend the use of our urethane dampener OR you are able to modify a Kawi style dampener to be used with our coupler set.